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Marg fascinated about viticulture and Mo, an illustrious Sicilian wine personage, both drawn towards mountains and sea, both having a thing about the Etna volcano.
Late autumn 2019, love at first sight. We found a stunning abandoned vineyard of well over a century old on the northeast slope of the Etna with an even more abandoned typical Etnean noble’s casale (country house) and wine-making cellars. 

The vineyard has an ideal environment for the vine to develop: the altitude (650-700 meters), and of course the fertile and characteristic pure black and sandy lava soil rich in micro-elements brought by volcanic eruptions. The main variety is the indigenous Etna red grape Nerello Mascalese, as well as the ancient white grape Carricante plants. 
Our ambition is to continue to cultivate these historical vines in the form of the ‘alberello’ method and with local traditional techniques: all manual and organic. This way of cultivating risks to disappear as it is less productive and labor intensive. However, the grape produced is of exquisite quality and the wines are the delicious result of one of the oldest wine-making traditions in the world, part of a tremendous Sicilian heritage.

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